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Yamaha R1 2015+ Rapid Tek Carbon Rims

Original price RM16,700.00 - Original price RM16,700.00
Original price
RM16,700.00 - RM16,700.00
Current price RM16,700.00

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Lead time approximately between 4-10 months.

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The wheels are designed with very specific criteria in mind to ensure maximum performance. These include the weight, bending stiffness, and rotational inertia, and the distinctive BST design.


BST brings you the lightest and most advanced wheels in the world – meeting and surpassing the highest international standards in performance, safety, endurance and visual appeal.


BST carbon wheels are up to 60% lighter than a regular alloy wheel – generating superior handling, braking and acceleration. The equivalent of a significant engine upgrade.


Carbon fibre is 13 times stronger than aluminium, giving you extreme durability for all conditions, on racetrack or road.


Sharper response. Improved driver control. Wheels that hold the road. We constantly subject our wheels to the most rigorous and demanding testing to meet international safety standards.


These wheels don’t just offer ground-breaking technology and performance – they look like the future too. A sleek, streamlined design that gives your ride serious sex appeal.