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As the world's leading formula 1 exhaust design and manufacturing company in the UK, Austin Racing are the forefront to offer F1 technology inconel exhaust systems to bike race teams and retail customers. With the slogan " We do not mass produce", Austin Racing systems are hand built, using the latest materials and technology to produce the most advanced performance exhausts  on th market. 

Disclaimer: dB Garage Distribution PLT is the exclusive distributor for Malaysia and Singapore.

No Mass Production

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Range of options

Tailoring an exhaust to suit your style from different materials to the diameter of the pipe itself. This gives you more flexibility than picking a generic off-the-shelf exhaust.

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 Austin Racing crafts the best exhausts on the market from sheet material to the finished product. Using Inconel to to achieve more BHP over traditional titanium and stainless steel exhausts. Each weld is fully purged with precision bends utilising the latest superalloy.

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Formula One Tech

World leading F1 exhaust design and manufacturing. Austin racing is the first company to offer this technology to race teams and retail customers. 


Why Austin Racing Exhaust? Because.

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