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About Us

In 2020, five motorcycle enthusiasts decided to turn their passion into a business and ventured into the motorcycle dealer industry with the ambition to carry and market a wide selection of premium motorcycle inventory for local and overseas markets. Their name, dB Garage Distribution PLT, was inspired by the unit for measuring the relative loudness of sounds, evoking the powerful sound waves of an exhaust system.

dB Garage Distribution PLT first dealt with Austin Racing, the leading Formula 1 exhaust design and manufacturing company in the UK, and became the exclusive distributor for Malaysia and Singapore. However, one month in, the pandemics and epidemics hit the global economy that had everyone struggling. They managed to sell less than 30 units that year.

Nevertheless, they powered through, and business began to pick up in 2021/2022. They even struck new deals with local and foreign brands such as RPM Carbon, Woods Pure Carbon, CNC Racing, OZ Racing, Evotech Performace, and Bonamici Racing, which significantly increased their revenue and presence the industry.

With tenacity and diligence, dB Garage Distribution PLT now carries hundreds of premium motorcycle products and has evolved its product selection to include apparel, tires, merchandise, and more. That "more" is opening a subsidiary brand, Mach Seven Racing, selling customisable top clamps. They have also grown into a leading force for the local motorcycling community. One thing that has not changed is their focus on their customers. They have always made a point to treat every customer professionally and with the utmost respect. In addition, they pride themselves on conducting business honestly.

Our Vision & Mission

We are committed to offering a wide range of quality performance accessories at a revolutionary price while ceaselessly transforming how customers ride.

To revolutionize riders' accessibility to pre- eminence.

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